Love Matches Astrology

Monthly Love and Sex Horoscopes

  • Monthly Horoscope Libra - December 2017

    A disharmonious aspect of transiting Sun to Venus brings an increase in your sensuous vital energy, which can incline you to certain excesses. For example, you now could feel a great desire for amusement and expansion, and may even want to escape from your daily grind going to a dance with your mate, dining out, going to a club, or preparing an exceptional weekend. Obviously, there is nothing wrong with it in general, unless these kind of activities are carried to excess. It isn't so much the fact of wanting to live well, but rather to control yourself and stay within your means. If you are not careful, the following weeks could be a narrow squeeze of money, since you over spent on details, gifts or outings to such a degree that you actually are left without anything in the budget for the rest of the month. Don't give so much importance to the size or quantity of your entertainments, since a simple gift in a given moment can have great sentimental value. Weekly Horoscope Libra

  • Monthly Horoscope Aquarius - December 2017

    Your concentration and understanding with your loved one is intensified now, and this is because getting to know each other has progressively increased and matured. Each of you see the other as a human being in evolution that has certain goals to fulfill in life. Because of this, both of you are supported in the accomplishment of your individual mission, which at the same time increases the level of confidence in your relationship. Real sexual exchange is not limited to a few hours of pleasure during the week, but is necessary to extend and broaden the unity to other moments in the relationship. Thus, in order to guarantee higher sexuality in your relationship, you have to extend your efforts toward work, economy, children (if you have any), creative leisure, intellectual development, culture, friendship, and endless other things. This converts your relationship into a key that opens the doors to worlds of new experiences and accomplishments. Weekly Horoscope Aquarius

  • Monthly Horoscope Taurus - December 2017

    A conjunction of transiting Mars to Pluto increases your vital energy. Sexual energy is one of the manifestations of total vital energy of the human being, and there is a direct relationship between the level of one person and another. Now is the time to become aware of your feelings, desires and sensations of sensual character, so you will be able to give the right, adequate and creative outlet to those impulses. Understand that being together sexually is an experience that takes shape on three different levels (physical, emotional and mental). Thus, the word sexuality is derived from the root sex (six), referring to the sum of physical - emotional - mental of the man and physical - emotional - mental of the woman. Real sexuality is a process that occurs simultaneously on those three levels and should energize the physical as well as the emotional and mental energy. Weekly Horoscope Taurus

  • Monthly Horoscope Sagittarius - December 2017

    This astrological aspect generates great emotional capacity. At given times you may become very sentimental, or will express your emotions in a very visible and theatrical way. You are very family oriented now and have a great sense of responsibility toward your loved ones, such as the members of your paternal family or your conjugal family. You want to protect, benefit and advise your family, but this should not be carried to the extreme, since you have to understand that they also have to learn from their own experiences. At the same time, curiously, you will also need the protection of your family, since you will be especially demanding and needy of affection and fondness. There is an inner struggle between your need for affection on one hand, and your zeal for freedom and independence on the other. Don't go to the extreme of becoming excessively attached to your family, or to the other extreme of becoming too independent. This won't help to maintain your balance, and beginning to vacillate from one to the other will end in feeling a bit confused. Weekly Horoscope Sagittarius

  • Monthly Horoscope Gemini - December 2017

    Avoid egocentric attitudes and learn to share your decisions with your mate, as you now tend to act on your own without consulting your loved one beforehand. Your companion could be annoyed, because you are speeding up the pace too much in matters that actually relate to both of you. Thus, there could be a case in which you launched some initiative without having counted on him/her sufficiently. And as a consequence, your companion may be burdened with part of the work for which you are responsible. Therefore both of you should jointly plan the next steps you are going to take, which should not be seen as a loss of your own decisive capacity. Rather, exactly the opposite, since deciding jointly will suppose greater wisdom at the time of carrying out your plan of action. Your mate will help you to be more moderate, balanced and equitable, which, without a doubt, will increase your possibilities of success. This conciliation of objectives between both of you will make you happier as a couple and, at the same time, each of you will be more successful in your family, profession and, as a rule, in the every day world. Weekly Horoscope Gemini

  • Monthly Horoscope Aries - December 2017

    At this time your sexuality and total vital energy will be revitalized and must be released through a creative exchange. You will be fully aware of the effect of love and of each instant in the interrelationship with your partner. Moments like this cannot be repeated and, without a doubt, constitute a great opportunity to develop and improve your own psychological qualities. Sexuality is not only a release of energy, but to understand yourself through exchange with the other. The act of love is an event of self-understanding and personal self-realization. Weekly Horoscope Aries

  • Monthly Horoscope Cancer - December 2017

    During the time of this harmonious aspect of transiting Sun to Venus your sensuous and affectionate feelings will be accentuated, that is to say, will be expressed clearly; without shyness, disguise or any complex. You now are sure of your feelings and need to revitalize them by sharing them openly with your mate. There is a better understanding between you and your loved one, since you experience that through your love relationship your own personal limits are transcended. If you are in love with someone and up until now have not expressed your feelings, it probably would be a good time to do it, provided that you are sure and know for certain that your selection is right. If you already have someone or are married, use this chance to reaffirm your love for them, since that revitalizes the feelings for both of you. Weekly Horoscope Cancer

  • Monthly Horoscope Scorpio - December 2017

    This aspect symbolizes the possibility of a small irritation or conflict of little importance in your love relationship. Perhaps subconsciously something has been growing between you that has not been dealt with, come to light or outlined in a direct and respectful way. Now is the time to review possible latent issues between you, such as jealousy, secret sensitivities or egotistic attitudes of one with respect to the other. Don't forget that in love relationships there has to be revitalization from day to day that should not be neglected, but is advisable to maintain continual attention and concentration. Learn to share the achievements that each of you may have accomplished, talk about the psychological imperfections that still are within you and have not yet been surpassed, in fact, summarize your psyche in an earthly way. It is not the time to conceal anything, but rather to recognize your own limitations and making goals to surpass them. Sharing your limitations with your loved one will help you gain more strength to tackle the task. Weekly Horoscope Scorpio

  • Monthly Horoscope Leo - December 2017

    A disharmonious aspect of transiting Uranus to Moon could bring important changes in your relationship to your family as well as with your mate. These changes can be quite rapid and sudden, and you will have to exercise self-control and be quite flexible to keep the reins on these circumstances. You now have a strong need for personal freedom and indifference. In this respect, you have to be especially prudent, since it is possible that you now make quick decisions and detach yourself from your sentimental or family relationships in general. If you act sharp and thoughtless, you probably will regret it shortly afterwards. If you opt at this time to cut or cool a relationship, it could be difficult to repair. It is also possible that a problem is created because a member of your family, or your mate, now has a need to be released and detached. Weekly Horoscope Leo

  • Monthly Horoscope Capricorn - December 2017

    A harmonious aspect of Venus to Pluto is a small step toward ascending the height of sexual alchemy, which is based on the progressive increase of sexual energy as well as control over it. Uncontrolled sexuality is precisely the opposite of happiness and fulfillment in the relationship of a couple. On the other hand, high and conscious sexuality inclines to personal self-realization and complete satisfaction in the relationship. It is a good time to live, study and practice total integration in your affectionate relationship, where the body, the psyche and the mind collaborate toward the same end: fusion, and as a result evolution. Enjoy yourself intensely and become aware of each instant, since true love is bound to the full awareness of each act, each gesture, each feeling and each thought. Weekly Horoscope Capricorn

  • Monthly Horoscope Virgo - December 2017

    This astrological aspect generates a wealth of vital, sentimental and sensuous energy and it is advisable to have a creative outlet for this flow of energy. Without a proper outlet, you may have to deal with too much intensification or with a certain lack of control over your sexual and sentimental life. Loyalty is fundamental now, since only this will deepen your relationship sufficiently and helps to surpass the tests or impediments that could emerge in your sensuous relationship. It will be necessary to understand your companion better from an emotional and psychological point of view, otherwise a certain sense of dissatisfaction could nestle in you. You will have intensive desires, want to be amused and enjoy a pleasurable life, and also have a notable need for new experiences and intense emotions. All of this can be very positive, provided that you maintain control over yourself and your wealth of energy. Sexual energy is bound to the total vital energy of the human being, and when it is not balanced, it also affects your partner, but when it is balanced, others will respond to you exactly the same way. Weekly Horoscope Virgo

  • Monthly Horoscope Pisces - December 2017

    Perhaps now you also tend to excessively idealize some of your loved ones. That is to say, you put them on a pedestal and lose your sense of reality a bit in this respect. If someone dear to you has a flaw, though it may be minimal, it will generate an inner problem for you, since you thought that that person was practically perfect. This tendency to idolize your loved ones too much brings certain risks, since the opposite could happen and totally disillusion you afterwards. It is better to stay more bound to reality in your affectionate relationships, in connection with friendships, or in relation to your family life. Above all, in regard to your affectionate mate, it is preferable to maintain a continuous, fluent and very close communication to keep abreast of your companion's feelings. Thus, each of you should always know what the other is experiencing, otherwise your relationship would be too much of a figment of each others imagination, and not reality. Weekly Horoscope Pisces