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Monthly Love and Sex Horoscopes

  • Monthly Horoscope Libra - August 2017

    The monthly horoscope of August for Libra is a period to set aside sex and love and focus on personal growth due to Jupiter?s influence that should make Libras put themselves first. If you are a Libra need time for yourself in your present relationship, ask for it. Libra will not face new relationships for August but might find it in the second fortnight of the following month moving forward. Libra should embrace being a free spirit in the entire month of August. Weekly Horoscope Libra

  • Monthly Horoscope Aquarius - August 2017

    Aquarius will see the effects of Mars to their relationship from July 20 to September 5. For the monthly horoscope of August, Aquarius will need to be patient with love and relationships that already exist as it is likely fighting and issues may in the air. Those of Aquarius will need to be patient to get through possible rough relationship times but should keep their hopes up because if they are strong, they will reap the rewards of their determination and patience since an Aquarius that stuck to the relationship will find pleasure and peace. Weekly Horoscope Aquarius

  • Monthly Horoscope Taurus - August 2017

    Those of Taurus have had a charged love and sex life from March 9th up until the third week in the month of April, when most loves and sex live lost some intensity due to Mars having taken its course. Every man and woman of Taurus will have to be patient since most new relationships will probably not start until after August is over. Dating will not be a hot month in August, but two special planets will definitely give Taurus a new chance the month after for dates, and relationships when sex and love should see more intensity since Mars and Venus should activate love in the fall season for those of Taurus. Weekly Horoscope Taurus

  • Monthly Horoscope Sagittarius - August 2017

    Those of Sagittarius should continue to use August as another month to continue to learn about yourself as an adult due to the presence of Saturn. Sagittarius should try to understand the differences now that one must face the responsibilities of being a man or a woman. This period should not be considered a sexual period, but one of inner comprehension. Sagittarius? that are in a relationship should embrace this period, as it should be full of pleasure. Sagittarius should face this monthly horoscope as a period of inner focus to learn more about themselves. Weekly Horoscope Sagittarius

  • Monthly Horoscope Gemini - August 2017

    Those that are the ever unpredictable Gemini, still have the influence of Saturn in the month of August. This stability should not be taken for granted by Gemini. It might be the perfect time to take your relationship seriously and make dating a permanent thing. Jupiter will also be affecting Gemini relationships positively in August making finding love easier. If you don?t have your man or woman yet, all those of Gemini are in a very positive month to make sure you can find that someone special. Weekly Horoscope Gemini

  • Monthly Horoscope Aries - August 2017

    The law of attraction that Venus gives Aries ran out recently in the month of June on the 6th. Almost every Aires, whether you are a man or woman, regardless if you single, dating, married or in any other kind of relationship, you usually come off as irresistible. Unfortunately, you will not be in a good phase for a new love until August 21st, when Aries might find this new somebody and go on a flash date due to a solar eclipse that will occur then. If this possible flash date does not happen then or turn into a dating relationship, Aries will have another chance for love and sex in December when Mars will charge the sex life of all those who fall under the Aries sign, so keep your hopes up. Weekly Horoscope Aries

  • Monthly Horoscope Cancer - August 2017

    Cancer is in a favorable period for reflection since, in the month of August, Pluto will be far off and will not be favoring the Cancer love and sex life. If you are a single man or woman, you might have an unexpected date or a hot sexual one-night-stand, but it will probably not become a long-lasting relationship. Those of Cancer who are not happy with who you are dating or in a difficult relationship might take the time to evaluate if they should try to mend the relationship or simply move on. Venus will transit through Cancer until August 25th, and those of Cancer will have no difficulty finding hot sex and love until then. If you are single, August is a great month for finding a date, a serious relationship or even your life-long partner. Weekly Horoscope Cancer

  • Monthly Horoscope Scorpio - August 2017

    Those of the Scorpio sign have had a very pleasurable and sexual year in 2017, but have recently faced the quiet before the storm in July and should expect the same in the month of August. If Scorpio people are in a relationship, August should be full of sex, love, and pleasure. If you are a single Scorpio, be patient because, in the second week of the following month, Jupiter will be in house and influence all areas of your life including new things in love and in sexual areas too. This should be like this for over a year since Jupiter will be strong with Scorpio. In the period where Jupiter is strong, it will be a great time to wear sexy clothes, so every Scorpio, whether a man or woman, can invest in their sexual identity. Weekly Horoscope Scorpio

  • Monthly Horoscope Leo - August 2017

    Saturn has had a monthly influence on Leo for most of 2017 and should continue to heat up love and sex all through the month of August. If you are a Leo that is wondering if the relationship is good or not, things might get shaky on August 7th due to a lunar eclipse that will occur then. Apart from the 7th, your sex and love life should be so hot you might not know which is which. If you are still a single Leo man or woman, this month is great to choose which person you want to focus on since Neptune?s sexual aura is not clouding the judgment of relationships for Leo. Weekly Horoscope Leo

  • Monthly Horoscope Capricorn - August 2017

    Those of Capricorn have been able to easily focus on their career ever since a year ago due to Jupiter?s presence. Capricorns should face the same situation in August, so continue to pursue your own career. August 21st will feature a solar eclipse that could start off a sexual relationship, provided a Capricorn can let go of the past relationships. This day could be Capricorn?s lucky day, so flirting and looking around is a great idea for a single Capricorn if they are looking for a new love or relationship. Weekly Horoscope Capricorn

  • Monthly Horoscope Virgo - August 2017

    Virgo had Venus help their love lives for the first half of 2017, but might have less luck finding a date in August and the rest of the year. Virgo has seen better monthly horoscopes, but during this month, Virgo might run into an ex and even end up in sex. August might be a time to be careful not to fall back into a relationship that did not work in the past. Virgo should this time to evaluate that new man or woman for what they really are since Venus will not be clouding Virgo?s judgment. Love and sex might not be hot topics in August, but things should change since the month is over so Virgo should just be patient and look forward to next month?s horoscope. Weekly Horoscope Virgo

  • Monthly Horoscope Pisces - August 2017

    Pisces has been confident in their intimacy house for over a year due to Jupiter. Pisces sex life has been great and will continue to be this way all throughout August, and this trend should continue into the first week of the following month. During this period, Pisces will face the possibility of multiple partners. Even after Jupiter has gone its course, love should continue to be good for Pisces due to Venus and Mars moving in. Weekly Horoscope Pisces