Love Matches Astrology

Monthly Love and Sex Horoscopes

  • Monthly Horoscope Libra - September 2017

    The month of September is a great month for dating for a Libra man or woman. Venus will stimulate the social activities of a Libra and they will have good relations with friends. Mars, Jupiter, and Mercury will help a Libra connect with people on a spiritual and mystical plane. A Libra that is single is likely to get into committed relationships and a married Libra is likely to bear a child. Weekly Horoscope Libra

  • Monthly Horoscope Aquarius - September 2017

    For September, an Aquarius can expect to enjoy good love relationships and the love will be more physical than romantic. An Aquarius can also expect sexual problems with an ongoing relationship. Something an Aquarius needs to be aware of is that they will have to make a decision on continuing the relationship with their partner. An Aquarius also needs to think carefully before deciding on pregnancy this month. Weekly Horoscope Aquarius

  • Monthly Horoscope Taurus - September 2017

    The love and sex horoscope for September for Taurus says the the planet Pluto is coming forward, which will enhance the romantic life of a Taurus man or woman, single or not. This month, an Aries' social intelligence is high which will make them be able to make better decisions in terms of love, relationship, and pregnancy. Taurus people will be using their personal charm to form new and successful love partnerships. Until September 21st, efforts to unite family relationships will be in focus and there will be plenty of fun and enjoyment for family members of a Taurus. Weekly Horoscope Taurus

  • Monthly Horoscope Sagittarius - September 2017

    In September, Jupiter, Mercury, and the Sun will make it a very favorable month for love for a Sagittarius. This month, a Sagittarius will be having a great social life and will be having a lot of fun with their friends. This month will bring many dating opportunities to a Sagittarius and if they are already in a committed relationship then they should get ready for marriage. The sun will give the Sagittarius personality energy and life, while Jupiter will enhance personal charm. Mercury will also help a Sagittarius by helping improve their communication skills. Weekly Horoscope Sagittarius

  • Monthly Horoscope Gemini - September 2017

    September is a favorable month for both a single man or woman and Geminis in relationships or who are dating. A Gemini will have no problem attracting others with their compatibility this month. Relationships will depend on attitude this month. A Gemini can have a committed relationship or opt to have fun relationships that are about sex. Planning for a pregnancy may also be in the cards for a Gemini this month. A Gemini may have many opportunities to start a new relationship this month. Weekly Horoscope Gemini

  • Monthly Horoscope Aries - September 2017

    The September horoscope for love and sex for Aries tells that the House of Love is very prevalent with highly influential planets. Love is going to be a very big factor and will be following people with this sign. A person who is an Aries will be able to draw in their romantic partners with their personal charm. Not only will the marital life include highly passionate sex but this can lead to a pregnancy. For an Aries that is a single man or woman, there will be high chances of marriage after September 6th. There will be a lot of time spent socializing and going to parties. Aries people tend to seek perfection in their lover, so choices for having a relationship and dating might be limited. Weekly Horoscope Aries

  • Monthly Horoscope Cancer - September 2017

    In September, love will be very complex for a Cancer. Putting too much effort into work may cause a hindrance for a Cancer romance. Not only may a Cancer have a very active social life but their partner may also be active so that might not leave enough time for romance. A Cancer couple may be too busy to date since they will both have other things going on. Any pregnancy should be put off during the month of September as well. A Cancer needs to be cautious this month because relationships can have many misunderstandings. Weekly Horoscope Cancer

  • Monthly Horoscope Scorpio - September 2017

    For a Scorpio in September, love and dating is a great thing. Love will come to them and by the 11th a Scorpio is likely to get into a relationship. This month, love has a spiritual angle and a Scorpio will very likely find love at spiritual gatherings. A Scorpio will also be interested in dating someone who is very deeply spiritual this month. There is another possibility that a Scorpio will find love at work and there is also a chance of pregnancy! Weekly Horoscope Scorpio

  • Monthly Horoscope Leo - September 2017

    The horoscope for September for a single Leo predicts that they will have many opportunities for forming a romantic relationship. A Leo man or woman should be careful getting into a committed relationship, though. The influence of Venus and Uranus is felt in the personal charm of a Leo. The issues of pregnancy and children will need attention this month. A Leo will have an active social life this month and may get into a relationship with an older person. While marriage should be avoided this month, a single Leo can look for dating opportunities through people that their family members know. Weekly Horoscope Leo

  • Monthly Horoscope Capricorn - September 2017

    This month, a single Capricorn will find love at work or in social situations through a friend or acquaintance. Another thing that a Capricorn can look forward to this month is that there will be many chances to form romantic relationships. With that being said, a Capricorn should know that these relationships will be more for fun or entertainment and commitment will be absent. Because of the influence of the Moon, family relationships will be pleasant for a Capricorn and marital lives will be enjoyable and romantic with the possibility of pregnancy this month. Weekly Horoscope Capricorn

  • Monthly Horoscope Virgo - September 2017

    The horoscope for a Virgo during September says that love opportunities will appear within the first week. A Virgo must be cautious because their horoscope says that a relationship will be lacking in commitment this month. While a developing love interest or relationship takes time to mature, the money situation of a Virgo may change drastically. While a Virgo will be very active socially, any pregnancy related matters will be put on the back burner. Weekly Horoscope Virgo

  • Monthly Horoscope Pisces - September 2017

    For a Pisces this month, their social appeal will be strong until the 22nd. A Pisces will have no problem finding romantic partners this month. The Sun, Venus, and the Moon will influence any romantic relationships a Pisces has this month. Another thing a Pisces will have opportunities for is love, marriage and pregnancy. A Pisces will also have the power to identify true love this month. Weekly Horoscope Pisces