Love Matches Astrology

Monthly Love and Sex Horoscopes

  • Monthly Horoscope Libra - December 2016

    During the Mercury retrograde that begins on the 19th, Libra can receive a big surprise when an old lover calls out of the blue and wants to get back together. You may be tempted to rush back into the arms of this old flame, but don't be too hasty, especially if this person hurt you badly. Sweet Libra has a tendency to sacrifice all for romance, so they should practice more self care. They should learn to protect their tender, loving heart and take better care of themselves emotionally and sexually. If you are committed in a stable relationship you will experience some welcome deeper intimacy, as well as more open and and refreshing verbal communication during the full Moon on the 13th. This can stimulate the union with more sensuality and erotic pleasure for both partners. Singles can experience some phenomenal luck on the 25th when their ruling planet, lovely Venus, will trine Jupiter for a few days. Weekly Horoscope Libra

  • Monthly Horoscope Aquarius - December 2016

    Some welcome stability will enter the life of the Water Bearer when Uranus joins Saturn in a trine aspect on the 24th. Aquarius can finally conquer some long term problems that have plagued their unions for a long time. However, during the Mercury retrograde that begins on the 19th and continues until January 8th, Aquarius should avoid irritability and engaging in petty arguments with loved ones. Don't become over critical of friends, family, co-workers, or partners or there will be complaints and backlash. For singles, now is not the time to get married, move in with a partner, or even start a new job. Water Bearers in a stable union can feel extra nervous and should not expect perfection from their mate. Go easy on yourself too! Weekly Horoscope Aquarius

  • Monthly Horoscope Taurus - December 2016

    Despite the Mercury retrograde that begins on the 19th, Taurus will find December to be an overall lucky time for romance. On the 25th, lovely Venus will move into a great aspect with Jupiter, bringing good fortune into the life of the Bull. Singles seeking a new lover will find this a great time to find a wonderful partner, for dating, or for asking out that sexy person you've just met. The full Moon on the 13th will open up the channels for great conversation for the committed Taurus and their partner. Go ahead and try something new and unusual and liven up your romance. Your special man or woman will adore you for it! A romantic getaway, even if only for a weekend, would be a great idea before the 19th. Weekly Horoscope Taurus

  • Monthly Horoscope Sagittarius - December 2016

    The Archer can expect lots of social activity this December. Sagittarius enjoys lots of popularity of a romantic nature along with invitations to parties and nights out on the town. Singles should go out every chance they get and enjoy themselves! If in a committed relationship, the Archer should take their partner out for a romantic night. Just go and have some good fun! If long distance travel is on the agenda, try and book any journeys before Mercury goes retrograde on the 19th. After this date, Sagittarius can experience travel delays and mixups which can cause a considerable frustration. The full Moon on the 13th would be a great time to take a romantic trip with a loved one and enjoy some great sex. Don't try to attempt a job change or permanent move until Mercury goes direct on January 8th. Weekly Horoscope Sagittarius

  • Monthly Horoscope Gemini - December 2016

    Gemini will be in top form this December. Romance will be at the top of their agenda and the super busy Twins will find themselves wishing time did not fly so fast. Singles will enjoy many invitations to parties and other social events with their many friends as well as extended family. In a committed union the Twins should not neglect the emotional needs of their mate or there could be arguments and disagreements with a frustrated significant other. After the 19th, when Mercury goes into retrograde, the Twins should avoid making any kind of important decisions such as moving in with a new partner or acquiring a new roommate. The full Moon on the 13th can signal a time of increased sexual desire and very erotic and enjoyable situations. Weekly Horoscope Gemini

  • Monthly Horoscope Aries - December 2016

    Any Aries feeling the stress and frustration of limiting circumstances will experience some sort of lucky break during December, according to the Ram's monthly horoscope. However, easy does it on the 3rd when it comes to expressing anger or engaging in arguments involving a loved one. You don't want to permanently damage your relationship. On the 19th, Mercury will go into retrograde for the final time in 2016, causing some unforeseen problems with electronics, vehicles, travel, and disagreements with others. Rams in a committed union should be on guard against tardiness or overspending this month or it will cause problems concerning their partner. Single Aries will have to cancel plans or a date due to some sort of unusual problem. The full Moon on the 13th can encourage all Rams to open up and share personal secrets with a lover. Weekly Horoscope Aries

  • Monthly Horoscope Cancer - December 2016

    The monthly horoscope for Cancer indicates delays and mixups when it comes to all romantic unions this December. The Crab may be unusually irritable at times and overly critical of friends and loved ones. Afterwards, they will most likely suffer pangs of regret and try to make amends. During the Mercury retrograde a prized possession may be mislaid or lost, causing much worry and stress. A much loved pet could be lost as well. Old lovers from the past may get back in touch, causing sentimental Cancer mixed romantic feelings. Such a scenario could cause problems for the Crab already in a committed union with a special man or woman, especially during the full Moon on the 13th. This full Moon, known as the Cold Moon, can cause feelings of restlessness and frustration in the Crab, especially with lovers or mates. Weekly Horoscope Cancer

  • Monthly Horoscope Scorpio - December 2016

    Scorpio will experience some welcome freedom this month from personal problems and limitations, bringing happier and less stressful times for the Scorpion and their partner. The full Moon can help the Scorpion communicate their more intense feelings, ideas, and dreams to their loved ones in a graceful, non-threatening manner. Singles feels an increase in their libido and begins to consider dating possibilities they once thought impossible. Go ahead and ask for that first date before the 19th, when Mercury goes into retrograde and clear communications can degrade in quality. A Scorpion in a committed union will strengthen their ties with their mate, creating a deeper and more profound experience for them both. Weekly Horoscope Scorpio

  • Monthly Horoscope Leo - December 2016

    Leo will want to take extra good care of their worldly possessions during this December and this includes their sexual partners as well. During the Mercury retrograde that begins on the 19th, computers can crash and partners want to argue, causing the Lion to become very irritated and grouchy. Just go with the flow and don't get too upset when problems suddenly arise. Don't allow yourself to become angry or overly critical of others or there certainly will be regrets later. On the 12th, singles can experience some erotic and very stimulating experiences while dating. Leo in a committed union with a special man or woman will have the opportunity to experience a deeper intimacy with their partner during the full Moon on the 13th and long-standing problems involving the union can be openly discussed and finally solved. Weekly Horoscope Leo

  • Monthly Horoscope Capricorn - December 2016

    It's a happy time for the Goat due to several favorable planetary aspects. The Capricorn in a committed union feels more cheerful, loving, and sexy before the 19th and they can look forward to some very enjoyable intimate experiences with their special partner. Single Capricorn can make a great connection with a very compatible person of soul mate quality that has the potential of becoming permanent during 2017. After December 24th, Saturn will form a trine aspect with Uranus, creating some changes in the Goat's life. The Mercury retrograde that begins on the 19th will signal a great time to weed out problems involving issues that no longer work in the life of the Goat. Weekly Horoscope Capricorn

  • Monthly Horoscope Virgo - December 2016

    Virgo will need to guard against being overly critical and demanding of love and sex partners, as indicated by their monthly horoscope. Emotions may intensify during the Mercury retrograde that begins on the 19th and cause problems in romance. Virgo will experience an increase of nervous tension and feelings of restlessness, especially in a committed union and their mate may even start to avoid the irritable Virgin and their criticism. The Virgin should schedule some fun and laughter in their lives this month and not take things so seriously. Single Virgins should also try to be more light hearted with their lovers and let sex be a beautiful expression of their love. Don't analyze every encounter! The full Moon on the 13th will be a chance to open up and relax with a partner. Don't try to make important decisions after the 19th or begin anything new. Weekly Horoscope Virgo

  • Monthly Horoscope Pisces - December 2016

    During the Mercury Retrograde that begins on the 19th, Pisces should guard against becoming too emotional and getting upset when troubles arise. When the computer crashes or the car has engine problems don't lose your cool with a loved one and say things you will heartily regret later. Don't make any important long-reaching decisions and remember that your problems are temporary. Singles may feel super nervous or very uncomfortable in social gatherings, but these feelings will not last. Try and get together as often as possible with close friends and family to have a good time and laugh. Committed Fish should lean on the strength of their partner because alone time with a loved one can help Pisces calm down and make them feel happy again. Weekly Horoscope Pisces